Viva la RIA-volution

14 01 2008

Recently I’ve started working with Flex again after a long hiatus from the technology, and now I remember why I fell in love with the concept of Rich Internet Applications. I learned Flex a few years ago and due to the high cost of its server side components needed to run the applications I never found a home for it in any of my applications. So when I heard the news about Adobe open-sourcing Flex and making the SDK free as well as developing a free open source replacement for its LiveCycle Data Services called BlazeDS, I figured it was time to re-introduce myself to the Flex world. I’ve even found a promising Maven 2 plugin for building flex-apps here ( Unfortunately it doesn’t support Flex 3 yet, or have a way to run my FlexUnit tests automatically, but I found it easier to use so far than the ServeBox plugin.

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2 02 2009
S.Didier : Maven Flex Plugin and AS Foundry Framework have been refreshed

Since december 1st, brings together Maven Flex Plugin and ActionScript Foundry projects. AS Foundry have been created in 2005. In 2007 the project turns into an open source project available on SourceForge. The new version 2.0 brings some fixes and add numerous new functionalities.

Maven Flex Plugin gives the ability to use Maven 2.0 for the flex development of applications. This plugin enable the developer to compile, unit test and generate all the action script documentation.

ServeBox’s ActionScript Foundry (AS Foundry) is made of productivity tools and ActionScript 3/Java framework. This framework leverage the power of both universe : Flex and Java.

Based on design patterns, the AS Foundry framework reduce the development cycle of complex applications. Indeed, you will find ready-to-use tools : data synchronization for MVC model, authorizations, internationalization, and even more ! This framework is divided into 5 libraries :

Commons : base types and tools,
Foundry : MVC Framework,
AirFoundry : ASFoundry extension in order to use it with Adobe AIR.
Toolbox : advanced toolbox (navigation, ACL, full-text search…)
Foundry-Java-Commons : Java classes created to speed up the development cycle for the client-side (Flex) and server-side (FDS-LCDS-BlazeDS).

Maven Flex Plugin and AS Foundry are available today under the Apache 2.0 open source license. So you may use them on commercial and open source projects.

Maven Flex Plugin :
ActionScript Foundry :

The Team.

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