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3 04 2009

April’s issue of GroovyMag has finally been released, and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that my article “Get Rich Quick with Flex & Grails” was to be the feature article for this issue. Please help support this very awesome magazine and purchase a copy of April’s issue here (

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9 04 2009


Liked your article in groovymag, but I can’t get the app to display the flex view. I followed along the article and may have fat fingered something so I then tried to get the project from your git repo.

$ git clone git://
Initialized empty Git repository in /cygdrive/c/temp/flex-contacts-groovy-mag/.git/[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)

Fails every time. Any ideas on whats’ up?

12 04 2009
Jeremy Anderson

1. Unfortunately when you make changes to the Flex app you need to restart the application in order for the changes to take effect. I noticed this as I was developing the sample app as well and haven’t found a way around it.

2. BJ had some issues with this as well, but I’m not sure what caused it as it’s always worked for me.

9 04 2009

Liked your article and looking forward to part two.

Good luck with your training. I can relate, by the way.

If you ever get out here to Denver, there is some killer mountain biking, that’s for sure.

Good luck with the book and everything else!


9 04 2009

Got it working, by the way. Both the app and git. You can delete the first post about the time out and the flex view not showing up.



12 04 2009

Hey Great article – I too am looking forward to part two.

Just a couple of questions, as I am knew to Flex+Grails and am unsure if it’s me or the example (probably me seeing as the guy above seems to have it working…):

1. after making some modifications to code I sometimes have to restart the app (in NetBeans IDE) as my browser goes all blank (I see the background only), is this normal or do I have a problem somewhere?

2. I can not get delete (in the application) to work – I have checked over the code and compared to GitHub but all appears to be ok locally. Should this work with the example code? putting an alert around the deleteContact function I see that the event is being raised so I am wondering if it’s something to do with my service or domain object?



13 04 2009

Thanks for getting back Jeremy – at least I know the restarts are expected. I’ll have another go at the tutorial to see if I can find out why the delete function isn’t working.


18 04 2009

I confirm the delete function is not working …

How do you debug grails ? (Everything is ok on the flex side)

18 04 2009
Jeremy Anderson

I would look here first (

18 04 2009

Found a solution for the delete problem:

def remove(Contact contact){
def remove(Contact contact){
def contactToDelete = get(

27 06 2009
brian woods

I have tried to build the flex contacts app.

I am using netbeans 6.7 rc1 and grail 1.1.1

I have tried to build the files as shown in the article.

I get the following errors, any ideas, thanks

3 Errors found.

Error /main.mxml:101
Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Contact.

100: import mx.controls.Alert;
101: private function doSelect(c:Contact):void {
102: selectedContact = c;

Error /main.mxml:113
Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Contact.

112: }
113: private function deleteContact(selectedContact:Contact):void {
114: contactService.remove(selectedContact);

Error /main.mxml:117
Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Contact.

116: }
117: private function updateContact(contact:Contact):void {
118: contactService.update(selectedContact);

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